Full lips are always going to add sexiness to your look and often help you appear more youthful. So to create the illusion of a fuller lip follow these simple steps:

  1. Line the lip line with either a matt lipstick using a brush in a shade darker than your own lip colour or with a lip pencil making sure you shade inward slightly too.
  2.  Next apply a shade of lipstick a couple shades lighter than your own lip colour eg peach, pastel pink to the inner part of your lips then blend/merge the two shades together..the lighter shade will give the illusion of plumpness.
  3. Then to make your lips pop…Add a highly metallic gloss to the middle/inner part of the lip. Light will bounce off giving the illusion of amazing sexy full lips!
  4. Dust a high lighter or a Cream metallic shadow over your cupids bow.
  5. Precisely apply a stiff concealer around the outer edges of your lips to crisp and neaten the look !

Good Luck 

HH x