While I’m a fan of dewy skin, shine may not look like you’re feeling cool under pressure, so go for a matt finish on your foundation, blusher and eyeshadow… You can balance with a bit of glossy shine on the lips.

No distractions! You want people to listen to you when you talk not get distracted by bright colours, glitters or dark evening looks. Stick to shades that suit your own natural palette or colours of nature such as browns, taupe’s, caramels, creams or even sage greens for those with red hair look fab!

You probably won’t have the time for frequent top ups so make sure you use a primer on your skin before applying foundation, set your eyeshadow over an eye base and use gel eyeliner as this is smudge proof. A light loose powder to set and repeat at lunch should be all you need.

Keep your artwork on your eyes neat and precise, big smokey eyes can come across as either too sultry for the office or if done badly, could be mistaken last nights make up that you forgot to remove….oh no !!

Soft neatness is key for the brows and lips staying within the shade and shape of what’s naturally there. Not too much gloopy gloss as again the wet look can be distracting when you talk. (check your teeth too as we do look sloppy with Lippy on our teeth !!)

Lightly painted or French manicured fingernails also give off a fantastic impression!

Good Luck 

HH x