1. Bring along a few pictures of your favourite bridal looks (especially the eyes) to help me get an idea of shades, styles and intensity. Or if you’ve had a trial, have the photo on your phones

2. Eat a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water to give your skin the health and hydration helping it to be at its optimum for your big day.

3. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise in the morning and before you go to bed to keep it free from impurities and lov
ely and supple with a good polish up once a week with an exfoliator/face mask

4. Get your brows professionally shaped and waxed/threaded by someone you trust or who is recommended. No need to go mad though, thin brows are not necessarily more feminine. Brows frame the face and open up the lids so try to start growing back any mishaps as far in advance as possible.

5. Book in for a professional facial 1 week before the wedding to get your skin in tip-top condition.

6. If you are opting for a spray tan, make sure it’s done 2 days before the wedding, allowing time for it to fade to it’s most natural shade before the wedding. Remember, next to ivory or white, spray tans can look darker or too orange so go for a light golden glow.

7. Get your smile sparkling with a professional clean by your dentist or better still, spoil yourself with teeth whitening, nothing looks more youthful or radiant than a pretty smile!

8. Think about the setting in which you will feel at your most relaxed getting ready on the day. If you would like it to be lively and fun or peaceful and quiet. If you would like a room to escape to put on your dress or have a moment with someone special, if you would like music, if you would like fewer children around or how you would keep children entertained. It’s your day so be assertive and make provisions for how you want the morning to go.

9. Have an area for your make up artist to set up eg. table, chair (with a cushion or two to boost) with good light (perhaps facing a window) with space for me to get each side of you.

10. Start building up your own confidence in yourself! Tell yourself you are beautiful every day so that you can ooze grace as you walk done the aisle to the man of your dreams!!