1. When buying a new foundation, don’t just patch test on your hand, wrist or arm. In fact, don’t just patch test! if you’re at a beauty counter and they are testing for you, ask for a mirror as they apply to the skin so you can see it go on, ask them to test on face and neck, then pick the colour and ask them to apply to half of your face! then tell them you want to see how it oxidises !! lol that will have them spinning.. take a look how it sits and how the colour dries within the next hour. if you like it still, then go back to buy it.

2. If you are buying from the drugstore then even bring a mini sponge with you, apply the tester to your hand…find a mirror and patch test face and neck. pick the colour that becomes invisible, apply the product to your face with the sponge and only buy if it sits nice and is still the right shade after an hour of wearing

3. Don’t apply foundation with your fingers. Its never going to blend as thinly and evenly as a brush or a beauty blender.

4. Don’t stop at the jawline, thin the product out over the jaw bone and right down the neck, and even over and around the ears.

5. Don’t use matt chalky finish foundations on older or dry skin, this will leave the skin taught feeling with an unpleasant finish, instead go for supple dewy formulas… usually the name given to the foundation is a clue to its benefit/finish!

6. Don’t use the same shade foundation all year round. Using the pale winter shade after you’ve caught the sun is such a shame! it will leave you looking a strange pastel skin colour. Instead, ask for a sample in a shade or two darker and purchase if you sustain that skin tone for more than a couple weeks

7. Don’t apply over the whole face if you really don’t need to. blending away just the redness on the cheeks, for example, can look so beautiful and natural and is a real trick for more mature ladies as too much product around the nose, eyes and mouth can make us look even older than we are.

8. Don’t cheapskate on foundation, its the one product in my opinion where you really do get what you pay for! higher end formulas are kinder to the skin, go longer, look better and are just the staple to your whole kit

9. Don’t expect too much from foundations, to last on the skin all by themselves they often need a primer to act like a barrier between oils in the skin and the product and a powder to set in place. Ultra Long lasting foundation formulas are out there and have their place but don’t always offer the beautiful flawless realness that we crave in my opinion

10. Don’t forget the eyelids and lips when applying foundation, this acts as a handy base for eyeshadow and lipstick to last that little bit longer

Good Luck 

HH x